Dressage is a French term meaning “training”.  

  The FEI rules describe the object of Dressage as 
  "the development of the horse into a happy 
  athlete through the harmonious education.  As a 
  result, it makes the horse calm, supple, loose and
  flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen 
  achieving perfect understanding with his rider."

  The training pyramid provides a logical and 
  progressive training model which results in the 
  proper development of musculature and ultimately
  in a happy and confident horse.

To insure that her teaching and training are correct, Holly is highly committed to furthering her own education.  In recent years she has ridden with Olympian Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, former USET coach Daniel Stewart,  USDF gold medalist and former Great Britain Olympic rider Jeremy Beale and other well respected clinicians.  Her dressage education has been further enhanced at clinics by Conrad Schumacher, Jane Savoie, Eckart Meyners, Jan Ebeling, Kyra Kyrklund and Henk Van Bergen. In addition, in 2005, she had the good fortune to travel to Germany to participate in an Eckart Meyners’ Instructors Course and to school at the International Riding Academy (Etoile).

                              Lessons and Training
During lessons, Holly's positive attitude  inspires a feeling of success in rider and horse.
Harmony Horse Dressage and Harmony Horse Farm are owned and operated by Steve and Holly Hilliard.  Holly is a USDF Associate Instructor, Certified Equine Sports Massage therapist and a Licensed Veterinary Technician.  Holly’s love of horses dates back to  early childhood but the opportunity to have a horse of her own did not come until Steve’s career moved them to Colorado in 1991.  They rented a house that happened to be on 5 acres and came with a neighbor that was an avid dressage rider.  Steve commented one day that it would never be easier for Holly to have a horse and …   
It didn’t take long for Holly to discover her passion in dressage.   
The vast majority of Holly’s dressage education came under the tutelage of US Pony Club legend and highly regarded dressage clinician Elizabeth (Betty) Tukey. Holly attributes her solid foundation and strong sense of dressage basics to Betty's steadfast conviction that “the basics” must come first.  Betty is also Holly’s mentor in teaching style.  An endlessly patient teacher, Betty instilled in Holly the importance of developing confidence, independence, and a firm foundation in “classically correct” riding principles in her students. 
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Because she began riding as an adult Holly recognizes the differences between having  “ridden all my life” and learning to ride as an adult and fully understands the challenges of balancing family and career with a passion for horses.
Sandy and Romeo
During a lunge lesson on a well schooled horse,  Lily can concentrate on position, balance and body control without the concern of controlling and guiding the horse.
          Sophie and Gamble finish a lunge lesson